Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kolhapuri Chic

Kolhapuri chappals, a quintessential summer slip-on, are exquisitely handcrafted footwear, mostly made in the town of Kolhapur in Maharashtra where they are also called “Pie-taan”.  

The chappals are available in various sizes, patterns and colors and summer in Mumbai is inundated with new styles and hues, ranging from the regular, earth toned ones - perfect to wear daily with western or Indian wear - to a rainbow of purple, hot pink or lime green kolhapuris as well as muted gold or copper-toned slippers that add sparkle to those hot summer evenings.  

I find the best prices at a little shop on Colaba Causeway, tucked away by Apollo Florist.  Don't bargain as the proprietor never budges.  Expect to pay Rs. 260 for a pair similar to the ones above, approx $5 and enjoy that stylish steal.  

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to Shopping + Style with Sara in Mumbai

Hi, welcome to Shopping with Sara in Mumbai. Mumbai is India's most diverse, cosmopolitan and exciting city. A Bombay/ Mumbai native, I am passionate about seeking out the hidden treasures that my city has to offer. Check back frequently for posts on where to find that exclusive line of scarves, leather bags, antiques and much much more.